Sunday, November 2, 2008

Traveling Hotel

Friday night we took an overnight train from Amsterdam to Munich; it was essentially a hostel on wheels. In our compartment there were two bunk beds with bunks a piece. It was very tight quarters to say the least.

Since we got on the train at 8:32 pm, we weren't quite ready for bed but the bunks made lounging around in the cabin impossible. Fortunately we were sharing the compartment with an Austrian who showed us how to stow the bunks to create "couches" until it was bed time. We shared a beer with the Austrian and enjoyed discussing the places he has traveled and global issues. It seems the fear of immigration is not just an American thing.

At one point during the night Matt woke up to an older man feeling up and down his leg. Fearing the man was searching for his wallet, Matt grabbed his wrist and removed his hand. The man then clung onto the bed railing; apparently he just couldn't catch his balance to put on his shoes. The rest of the night was quite uneventful, except for the compartment door slamming open and shut as the train accelerated and stopped. After a so-so night of sleep, we arrived in Munich ready to spend the next week in Germany.

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thestevosays said...

Your hair is getting long, buddy. About time to head to the stylist for a Euro-mullet. :D