Thursday, November 13, 2008

"I'm on H"

"No, this is J"

"I'm on J."

"You're on K"

"But where is H?"
Sony Center at Potzdamer Platz
This was the conversation that greeted us as we strolled into the movie theater at Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. The square is a stunning combination of new and old architecture that was built out of war ruins by Sony, Daimler-Chrysler and other major corporations. Situated around the square are many touristy restaurants, a Lego Discovery Center, and many high-tech stores showing products of the future.
Canopy at the Sony Center - is lighted to turn different colors throughout the night
The interior of an old pre-war building turn exterior of a new modern hotel

But in the center is a large movie house that shows films in the original versions. For us, this meant a night at the movies to see Quantum of Solace. Once again, a movie theater is the perfect place to see the different attitudes towards alcohol in Europe and in the US. Served right along side popcorn (salty or sweet - you choose) and nachos, are cocktails and beer. Heck, you can even BYOB or BYOC to the movies over here. A few other differences an experience at the movies brings are assigned seats (love this and hence the conversation above) and even more previews/commercials at the beginning of the film. There were over 45 minutes of commercials and previews before we got to the good stuff - James Bond.

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