Monday, November 10, 2008


Berlin is a modern city growing out of scars and wounds of the past, some self inflicted, some brought on by others, but most incurred through the World Wars and their aftermath. Our site seeing in Berlin was not focused on famous paintings or world class museums, but rather to visit the sites and memorials that explain how Berlin got to where it is today.

Paris has the Eiffel Tower. London has Big Ben. New York has the Statue of Liberty. Berlin cannot be represented in building and building cannot represent Berlin. Some might say the Berlin Wall, but that is gone now and only bits remain memorialized. Famous Landmarks of the city from before WWII, like the Kaiser Wilhelm Church, were destroyed in the bombings. Even the Victory Column was moved before WWII and now represents more than the Prussian defeat of France. Brandenburg Gate only represents a sliver of the city's history and the Reichstag Building is no longer the Reichstag and has a new roof. Potsdamer Platz is only a decade old and represents more corporation that city.

We spent the weekend exploring the city - it's past and present.

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