Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bollywood Bijlmer

In celebration of Amsterdam India Festival month, we attended Bollywood Bijlmer last night at the Koninklijk Theater Carre. The performance was a combination of an urban Indian dance performance and an Indian short film. Even though the film was in Dutch, the classic love story was easy to follow.

Some interesting notes about Dutch theater:
  1. Right before the start of the performance, they let you move to whatever seats you like. If you happen to be late and someone is in your seat - tough luck! I think this is wonderful - no one is trying to move in front of you after the show has started.
  2. Apparently flash photography is okay during the performance. Don't worry, I'm sure the blasts of light are not bothering the performers or your neighbor...
Decription of the film from the film website:
"The Bollywood film Bijlmer line with the rising popularity in the Netherlands of the Hindi film and Indian culture. In Bollywood Bijlmer is a dramatic story, full of romance, interspersed with large dance scenes. The film offers a mix of the dream world that is so typical of Bollywood and the daily reality of life in a big-city district in the Netherlands, with all its cultures, lifestyles and contradictions. The story is about a boy who as a minor asylum seeker from an African country has come to the Netherlands and for years with a foster family lives in Amsterdam. He is in love with a Hindu girl with him in the classroom. He has daydreaming about her, but the other is tormented by nightmares from his childhood. At school he has struggled with violence and bullying. Both the bullying as the nightmares escalate until he turns his so that he gets home from school and walk away. He and the girl find each other?"

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