Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, Our Apartment!

We live in the Dutch equivalent of campus housing; there are no dorms here but the university provides housing through a contracted agency. Never has it been more apparent that TUDelft's student population is 80% male than today, when I tried to blow dry my hair in my apartment for the first time. (We can discuss later why I haven't blow dried my hair in over 2 and half months.)

There are no plugs in the bathroom. None. I am not saying there isn't enough plugs to plug in a hair dryer, a straightener, and the clock radio. I am saying that their are absolutely NO PLUGS in the bathroom. The second mirror in our apartment is glued to the wall in the "dining room" above the "table". No plugs there either. No plugs anywhere in the vicinity that I can see myself in the mirror while still holding onto the hair dryer that is still plugged into the wall. NONE!

So, I just spent the last half hour blowing drying my hair in front of Jack*, using the Photo Booth application as a mirror. I only wish I had recorded it, so you could watch it too!

*Jack is our iMac

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Marla Millsap said...

I always wonder about Koln. Benny Wild, a young rock band musician lives there. He might be kin to Matt's cousin Jennifer Wild, my daughter. Her relatives live in Iserlohn just north of Koln. The Kriesverband Iserlohn recently gave me Anton Wild’s address. I want to write them. Jennifer’s grandfather family left Kathereinfeld Banat-Austria Hungary in 1921 for USA. The rest of the Wild moved back to Germany, to Brazil, USA, some died in the concentration camps because they were German living in Banat region and were forced out. Take some picture!