Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Thread Tour

On my second day in Hannover I took the city's Red Thread Tour. The tour was a 5 km walk through the city following a red line painted on the sidewalk that showcased 35+ important sites in the city. While most of the sites would not have even made the guidebook of a larger city, I nevertheless decided to see what Hannover had to offer.

Some highlights of the tour:
A remnant of the old city wall - dating from 1337

A church destroyed in the 1943 air raid and currently a memorial to the victims of war and violence; a memorial service takes place here every August 6th to remember the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima.

New Town Hall - the archer's arrow points directly at the Lord Mayor's office

Buxom Girls - statues by Niki de Saint Phakke, an honorary citizen of Hannover

The oldest family house in Hannover - dating from 1566

And after the history tour, it was time to check out the shopping and the first mall we've seen since leave Gainesville...

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