Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jugs & Jewels

After spending Tuesday morning exploring science at the Deutsches Museum, we headed to the Viktualienmarkt in old town Munich. The Viktualienmarkt is outdoor beer garden surrounded by brat stands, gourmet food shops, fish venders, produce stalls, and butcher shops.

A fruit stand at Viktualienmarkt.

Many of the stands had interesting food items on display, like pig heads or this fish.

We quickly assembled a picnic of stuffed, whole squids, feta and spinach salad, a pickled herring sandwich, and bratwurst and headed over to the beer garden. Beer gardens in Bavaria are BYOF and picnicing is encouraged as long as you buy a jug of their beer. In the Viktualienmarkt the six beers of Munich are rotated weekly and the beer garden serves up whatever is on tap that week in liter and half liter mugs. Since we had a lot of sightseeing left for the day, I tried a Radler with my lunch. I was surprised how much I like the half beer, half lemon-lime soda drink.

Laura with her bratwurst and Radler.

After our lunch fit for kings, we visited the Bavaria treasury, which was full of the king's jewels. It was a ten room display of all the friends a girl could ever want. Our favorite jeweled piece was the Statue of St. George, a beautiful jeweled relicuary box with a knight slaying a dragon on top. We also enjoyed crucifxes made out of sea toroise shell, cups made of rhinosaurous horns, and jewel encrusted swords. Of course, I would have been happy to take home any of the jeweled tiaras :)

Statue of St. George

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