Monday, November 24, 2008

Lazy Weekend

As you can tell from the snow pictures, it has gotten cold here. We had a few lazy days at home this past weekend and took a break from the site seeing.

On Saturday we originally planned to take a walking tour of the architecture in Rotterdam. We saw exactly two building before the cold and wind pushed us back into the train station for Option 2. There really was no Option 2, since we were on a tight schedule to make it to Goes for dinner, so we ducked into a humongous bookstore and browsed for a bit.

We then traveled to Goes for the evening to visit some old neighbors. The visit was lovely and the dinner was delicious. It was nice spend an evening in a real home and catch up with old friends.

On Sunday we woke up to a snow flurry. After snapping a few pictures from our balcony, we settled in for a day of movies, books, and hot chocolate. It was a wonderfully, lazy day.

Next weekend we will get back to exploring Europe.

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Matt said...

When Laura says it has "gotten cold here," what she really means is that it has "gotten frickin' freezing."

Riding bikes everywhere - one of the joys of living in this country - is no longer so fun when it's 34 Fahrenheit, it's raining, and the 25 mph wind is whipping your bike all over the road while simultaneously relieving you of any feeling in your extremities.

Wake me when spring arrives.