Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Special Cookies

Grocery shopping is truly a discovery experience every time I go to get milk and bread. On the first trip to the C1000, I picked-up a roll of cookies that looked like gingerbread dipped in chocolate. In a habit learned from my mother, who can eat an entire sleeve of thin mint cookies in one sitting, I rarely just eat one cookie. Most of the time I eat a dozen or two.

Now the cookies I bought last week had some Dutch writing on them, but hey they tasted good and I thought nothing of it. I finished the roll of cookies rather fast and looked for another roll at the grocery store this week. I was at the Albert Heijn store yesterday and bought their version of the cookies for this week's snacks.

After eating nearly the whole pack, I realized the writing on these cookies was in English....Apparently they are "old lady cookies"!

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thestevosays said...

Did this result in explosive diarrhea? :D