Thursday, September 25, 2008

Market Day

Today is market day in Delft, one of my favorite things about our new town. It isn't just a typical farmers market; it has pretty much everything you would possible need during the week. My favorite things to buy are fresh fried fish and cheese. I try to get a new kind of cheese every week to try.

Today I order what I thought was Swiss cheese - it had holes in it and the label had a mouse on it. After asking the cheese man for "250 grams of Swiss Cheese", he indignantly replied "That is NOT Swiss Cheese. It is DUTCH cheese!" Well whatever kind of cheese it is, it is delicious with with fresh baked brown bread I bought today.

I was even able to buy a pair of tights (they are crazy about tights and leggings over here) and a few more plug adapters at the market. The one things I won't be buying at the market is Crocs, even if they are 75% off. Crocs are cute on little kids and the flip flops are okay, but brightly colored plastic clogs on adults should be a fashion no in every country.

For more pictures of the market and our life in Delft, click here.

Our schedules have gotten busier now that we are settled in. Matt goes to work at TUDelft during the day and spends most nights (and downtime during our travels) working on things for his lab at UF. School started for me this week and has definitely put an end to me watching reruns of 90210 during the day. I am taking a digital photography class (hopefully you will see an improvement in my photography over the next few weeks) and an instructional design class.

Well, I must be off now to test out my super cool new Frisbee turf shoes...

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