Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amsterdam (Part 4: Misc)

Having seen the fortification of the US Embassy in The Hague, Laura and I were curious about the US Consulate in Amsterdam. We were not disappointed with the 10 foot tall wrought iron fence, surveillance system, metal clad window covering, and massive concrete brick road blockades. Despite the fact that they are not invited inside and would surely be tried as terrorists for so much as touching the fence, the Dutch have placed a very nice September 11th memorial across the street.

The US Consulte Fortress

The canals of Amsterdam are lined (in areas) with house boats, on which people actually live. We went on a brief canal tour in which they told us that most of the house boats are in fact legal and that they have both gas and water hookups courtesy of the city.

An example houseboat on a canal in Amsterdam.

View of Amsterdam from our boat tour.

One final miscellaneous picture is below. How is your latin?

HOMO SAPIENS NON URINAT IN VENTUM : "A wise man does not pee into the wind."

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