Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

We stayed in four-bed, mixed room at the Snuffel Backer Hostel - who's tag line is "the cheapest beer in town". And it truly did have the cheapest beer we saw in town - and not just the cheap stuff! The hostel was a great place to stay and we would definitely stay there again, however, it had it own quirks.

When we arrived we were assigned room 25 and told to "go through room 23 to get there". Simple enough. We climbed up the spiral staircase and opened room 23 with our key card. However, there was only a window in the room - no other door. So we thought we would try room 24 (which our key card also opened). There was another door in the room, so we thought we might have heard wrong. So we go to go out the other door and realize it is a fire escape that leads to the roof of the lower building. But hey, it's hostel and it's cheap - so Matt climbs down the staircase, across the roof, and looks at any imaginable way to get to "Room 25". Nothing. So we walk back down the spiral staircase to the bar and ask for directions once again. "Second floor - go through room 23". Okay...

Climbed back up the spiral staircase, opened up room 23, and still only a window. We looked in the shower, under the beds, out the window, at the ceiling...No room 25. So back down the spiral staircase, back to the bar, and asked once again. Response - "You are in room 24". What???

I would have thought we had made this up, misheard the nonexistent room 25, or chalked it up to a translation problem, but we heard the same story from an Australian the next night.
So, does room 25 exist? Where are you going when you go through room 23?

Also, travelers should be aware that the showers are in the next building over, you have to go through the bar to get to them, they don't open until 7:30 am, and you have to pull constantly on a cord to make the water come out. However, they have the most amazing water pressure ever and are exactly the perfect degree of hotness. Give me Snuffel's showers over ours anyday!

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