Friday, September 5, 2008

Ik kocht een fiets

Our search of cheap bikes (less than a month's salary) led to us to a back alley with a green garage. We were greeted by Gert, who apparently took flipped broken bikes daily from 11-4. What you saw is what you got and we didn't see much. We left wondering if this was the only option and if there was any middle ground between a 800 Euro new bike, that would surely get stolen in 2 minutes, and rust being held together with grease.

During our drink night with the expats, we were once again referred to Gert and his garage of misfit bikes. So this morning I trekked over there to find that bike that just needs a little love to shine. And I saw her, Inge, she must have been beauty in her prime - nice deep blue in color with what must have once been shiny new rims. I scooped her up immediately for the bargain price of 60 Euros; stole her right out of the hands of another foreigner who was taking too long to decide between Inge and has been red head. Inge and I - we are going to make quite the team.

I would post pictures of the new beauty, but she is just a little bit camera shy right now. You know how it is- she needs a new coat of paint, a little shiny on her rims, maybe some new saddle bags, a small bell repair, and definitely a kick stand. She will getting a makeover this weekend and then I am sure she will be ready to model for you.

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Pam said...

Sound like a Walmart would be handy :)