Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Need dishes? Hungry and broke? Want a cool new light fixture? Craving pickled herring?

Head to IKEA - not only the answer to inexpensive household goods, but also the place to grab the cheapest warm meal in town!

After arranging the three pieces of furniture in our apartment we headed to IKEA to supplement the two forks, two knives, two spoons, and two can openers (???) we received with our apartment. After filling our bag with towels, 16 pieces of silverware for 2.99, and twelve glasses for $1.99, we were famished. But have no worries, we sat down to a nice hot meal of Sweedish meatballs, cheese tortellini, chocolate mousse, and chocolate tart complete with frisdrank for all under 10 Euros. So if you ever find yourself hungry and out of money, head to IKEA for the best food deal around!

1 comment:

Pam said...

it appears that there is chocolate for every meal :)