Friday, September 26, 2008


While walking the streets of Paris, we happened upon a throng of people patiently waiting around a hotel (Hotel Crillon Place de la Concorde, whose rooms run from ~€500-1500/night). We were of course curious, so we joined them. There was nothing there. So we waited a little while, and nothing happened. So finally I asked someone nearby, and after a couple repeats of his response, I realized what he was saying: "Madonna." Ah, Madonna was at the hotel. (Turns out she had a concert in Paris that night.)

We didn't stay, because we don't really care about seeing Madonna...but it was interesting that we stumbled upon the scene. Someone actually filmed her leaving the hotel, which is available here. (The person doing the filming was shaking because they were "overwhelmed with emotion." Heh.)

People waiting for Madonna

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