Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interesting encounter

About two hours ago, I was riding my bike across campus to attend a class on numerical methods - this is a subtle reminder to my UF colleagues that no, I am not on a year vacation - when I zipped by two guys who seemed to be flagging me down. Thinking they might be in need of some help or directions, I stopped. It turns out they were looking for directions...

Guy: [Speaking in Dutch.]
Me: English, please.
Guy: Do you know where I can find a dealer?

Having never before been asked where to find a dealer, I simply replied no and continued on my way. But in the hours since, I have wondered if this was some kind of linguistic misunderstanding. Was I really being asked, for the first time in 25 years of life, if I knew the location of a drug dealer? In a country with one of the most liberal drug policies in the world, where you can buy any number of normally illegal substances in a store downtown? My guess is the guys were underage and did not satisfy the age requirement for purchasing such substances (18). Still...that was weird.

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