Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moving In

We moved into our new apartment in Monday. I would like to point out that the number of the apartment has no relationship to its location in the building; we were expecting a leisurely climb up a few flights of stairs, but instead discovered we will be taking a 1/2 hour elevator ride every time we enter or exit our apartment.

Quite nervously, we opened the door to see what 35 m2 of temporary housing space would look like.

This is our "living room" (it shares the same room with the "office" and "dining room"). That big table is where Jack (our iMac) will go when he arrives. The chairs are quite comfortable and recline - Matt should enjoy it because it is the closest he will ever come to having a recliner in our house.
This is the "dining room" complete with 5 folding chairs from IKEA. Don't look too hard at the bookshelf - either it is crooked or the walls are seriously sloped. We are betting on the walls.Our kitchen area.
cooking rings = fancy hot plateOur bedroom. Apparently two person apartments are an afterthought, as we have two twin beds. (I guess the bright side is we have two instead of one!)
The bathroom may be my least favorite area of the apartment. We will save the discussion for how the toilet works until the bravest of you come to visit. There is a separate showering area, but the water pressure is non existent and the excess water leaks all over the bathroom floor. I think I will be looking forward to hostel showers on the weekends.

Overall, the apartment is much nicer than expected. Our view of the city from the back balcony is fantastic and I will try to post pictures of it when it stops raining here.

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