Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Home for Miffy

Miffy, the star of over 30 children's books, is a simple white rabbit created by Dick Bruna. The books have been translated in over 40 languages, making Dick Bruna the second most read children's author (behind Roald Dahl).

Bruna's hometown, Utrecht, has created the Dick Bruna Huis as a home for Miffy and other works. He was a graphic artist that designed book covers for other authors, most notably the Black Bear and Simenon's Maigret series, and posters for various organizations and businesses. Dick Bruna's work is distinguished by simple lines and bright colors. He takes the three-dimensional world and turns it into a flat page. His straightforward and simple work turns basic shapes and primary colors into icons.

The museum was wonderfully put together, with works hanging at two heights - one for adults and one for children. It was was truly a multimedia experience; you could listen to his books, watch movies of him creating his books, admire his art, use the computer to learn about his life and art, and, of course, play in a child's size Miffy house.

Best of all, Inge got a new bell starring Miffy and her bicycle!

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