Saturday, October 18, 2008

€3.57 for a Case of Beer?

...Euro Cart Bier?

Wait, isn't that the generic brand?

Albert Hiejn* Pilsner?

They make generic beer over here?

I mean, it is one thing to forgo the Green Giant vegetables and the Del Monte fruit for the best of BiLo brand. But generic beer? Can it really compete with Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch?

This definitely called for a taste test. Now, my dad and Matt might not have Brian H.'s honed beer taste buds, but they will serve as fine test subjects. And frankly Matt's beer future in the Netherlands hangs in the balance. If he can't correctly identify the generic beer, no more €3.99 a six pack of Heineken - it's a €3.57 case of Euro Cart Bier for us.

The Line Up:

  • Grolsch
  • Heineken
  • Amstel +
  • Alfa Edel Pils

  • Albert Heijn Pilsner
  • Euro Cart Bier
The Tasters:

Matt & Dad
The results:

Neither tester correctly identified any of the 6 beers. Dad's favorite was Abert Heijn Bier; his least favorite was the Alfa. While Matt did not correctly identify any of the beers, he did correctly pick out one of the generics - the Albert Heijn Bier. I guess I will continue to fork over the big bucks for €5.98 for two six packs of Heineken, but if it ever comes down to chocolate or premium beer it's Euro Cart for sure!


*Albert Heijn is a grocery store

+ Note this is not Amstel Light - that is a beer made and marketed only in the U.S. Over here they sell six varieties of Amstel, including a fall brew - Amstel Bock. The original Amstel was used in the taste test.

** Drew W.- we looked for a Miller Lite to add to the generic list but no go. Apparently they would rather drink generic beer over here than Miller Lite.


Matt said...

That photograph looks like a scene from a kidnapping video. The only thing missing is an armed jihadist holding today's newspaper in the foreground.

Drew said...

No Miller Lite! That's absurd! I guess you just saved me a trip to the Netherlends...