Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dad & Delft

On Monday, I gave my dad a bike ride tour of Delft. I started the tour by taking him to Delft Midden and letting him try out our favorite swing.
Oostport was the next stop on the tour. It used to be the east gate of the city and was built around 1400.

Then it was off to Delftse Hout and to the petting zoo. The goats were happy to be petted and even nibbled on your clothes.

The sheep, however, were not into it. Look at their pour little heads - they are bald from be petted a few too many times. They congregate near the gate to be let "out to pasture" (a.k.a. out of the petting zoo)!After visiting the parks, we headed into town to visit the Oude Kerk and the Nieuw Kerk. The old church is home to grave of Johannes Vermeer and was built in 1240.

The New Church was built in 1496 and is burial site of the entire Dutch Royal Family since William I, Prince of Orange.

The last stop on our tour was Royal Delft, the oldest earthenware factory in town.

Price tag on the vase? Over €6000!

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