Monday, October 13, 2008


Boat + Hotel = Botel

This weekend we stayed on Botel Christina in Amsterdam Inner Harbor. While not an experience for the light sleeper, it was definitely a place I'd go back again. The rooms were small and the beds short, but the atmosphere and breakfast made up for it.

And for all you wondering, the showers were vastly superior to the one in our apartment. Some genius sloped the floor so the water flows to the drain and does not flood the entire bathroom floor. The knobs also had temperature markings so you could precisely choose your water temperature, as opposed to continually tweaking the knobs the entire shower to avoid cold bursts and scalding moments. The pipes were also set up in way that allows someone to use the shower, someone to use the toilet, and someone to use the sink - and no one gets burned, frozen, or is lacking water. Maybe the genius could come redo our bathroom.

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