Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh do you know the muffin man?

Me: (Spying some wonderful, huge, fluffy muffins at the market) Are these 6 for two dollars?

Muffin Man: Yes. What would you like?

Me: Twee (pointing to the blueberry). Twee (pointing to the chocolate chip). En twee (pointing to the chocolate chocolate chip).

Muffin Man: I'm the cheapest in town right?

Me: Jaa.

Muffin Man: And they are the best muffins, jaa?

Me: Jaa, especially since I don't have an oven to make my own muffins in.

(I start reaching in my purse to pay him.)

Muffin Man: Not two dollars - two EUROS.

Me: Oh, but I thought you were the cheapest in town.

Muffin Man: (hilarious laughter)

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