Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Library Concept Center

After coveting many books and travel guides in the bookstore yesterday, I forked over €37 to join "the most modern library in the world". And I'd have to say their slogan is right on!

The DOK is like the best of Barnes & Noble, a kid's toy store, and library in one place. The Shifted Librarian does a better job of explaining the place than I ever could, so please visit her blog. Information Today, Inc. even has an interesting feature article on the library. You can also check out the Library's flickr site to see photos of the all the unique features of the library.

Some of my favorite features:
  • Bright, cheery interior with lots of comfy chairs
  • English language version of the guidebooks I was coveting in bookstore yesterday!
  • Listening pod stations for the 1000s of CDs they have on hand
  • Coffee shop that doesn't charge Starbucks prices (€1.60 for a cappuccino)
  • An entire wall of sheet music for every imaginable instrument
  • Don't feel like reading, then play on the one of the Xbox 360s instead!
  • A large collection of English language fiction, including the newly release Nicholas Sparks book and, of course, the Twilight series
  • Forget bar codes, the books are checked out and in using RFID
  • Computers everywhere!
And as soon as Matt finds out there is an entire room for graphic novels, I bet we will be spending a lot of time at the library.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! This will be such a welcome refuge, especially as it gets colder--that 37 Euro is well spent! ~laforge