Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly @ the Market

The Good:
Tulips were on sale: 50 blooms for €5; this is only half of them. I am going to miss having fresh flowers all over the house when we move back to the States.

The Bad:
The muffin man has increased his price from 6 for €2 to 6 for €2.50. He says they're bigger. But let's all be honest, it isn't like I'm going to put the extra 25% back in the bag for next time...So really the muffins now cost an extra €.0833 a piece. Trust me, it adds up at the rate we eat muffins around here.

The Ugly:

I promise you did not want to see a picture of this one. Matt and I really enjoy eating clementines; they are the perfect picnic/train/bus snack - easy to peel and little mess. Apparently it must be getting close to the end of the season and all the clementines at the market looked like they were already molding. I wonder who buys them...


Rebecca Louise. said...

I completely agree about Clementines! X.

Rebecca Louise. said...

By the way..when do you leave Europe and move back?! X.

michelle said...

i miss clemetines already....:(

stopping by from SITS...great blog!

m :)

Lani said...

stopping by from sits! the flowers look lovely:)