Sunday, March 22, 2009

Driving through Ireland

And now back to Ireland...

After enjoying a full Irish fry for breakfast (AKA a heart attack on a plate), we were ready for more exploring. Our plan for Sunday was to slowly drive back to Dublin, stopping whenever we saw something that caught our eye.

The view of the Burren from Corkscrew Hills

We stopped for a pint at the oldest pub in Ireland (c.900 AD) in the city of Athlone

An old castle just before Bell Harbour

Matt climbing on centuries old ruins

The ruins were like our own personal castle playground!

An abbey just outside of Bell Harbour

An out building from the abbey

We stopped in Trim to see the large castle ruins in Ireland

As if one castle wasn't enough, there were ruins of a second castle in Trim just across the river in a city park

Our last stop for the day was a ruined monastery/cemetery on the outskirts of Trim

The Celtic crosses in the cemeteries were beautiful

The rest of our pictures from this day can be found here.


King Amy said...

hey! i am not sure I have ever commented...which breaks all blogging courtesy rules!! sorry...i am tickled you found my blog and have one too!! how did you find me? how long are ya'll going to be over seas...i am so jealous of your fun adventures and trip etc!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Heart Attack on a Plate is indeed correct. Two things the Irish love are Guiness and a full breakfast. Does the Irish life tickle you lol? X.