Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. Patty's Day Parade

We all know how Matt feels about parades and he wasn't thrilled to go to another one after the New Year's Day Parade in London (justifiably so). He wasn't quite kicking and screaming, but I did have to bribe him with Irish coffee to get him near the parade route.

This parade did not disappoint.

The characters from The Simpsons entertained us pre-parade to promote their upcoming episode "The Simpsons go to Ireland" (more about that later).

The theme for the parade was "The Sky's the Limit" (even with the woes of 2009) - no kidding, the parade brochure actually said that! So the parade was filled with fanciful characters with wings and feather and crazy flying machines. Here is a sample of our favorite attractions (you can find the rest of the photos here).

The parade moved fast and was the perfect length - a little over an hour. After the parade, we headed over to St. Stephen's Green for a picnic in the beautiful sunshine. Apparently, so did everyone else in Dublin. It was a lovely afternoon and every Dubliner seemed to be enjoying the sunshine before hitting the pubs.


American in Norway said...

You have convinced me to give Paddy's day in Dublin another try...
I was there in college & was so disappointed... (having spent many a paddy's day in is hard to top it.)

When I was there it seemed most of the parade was made up of Americans who had flown over... they even had my rival HS marching that year...

I don't leave enough comments on your blog... but I love how detailed you are... your posts are AWESOME:.. gonna be soo cool for your too look back on this in years to come... (wish he had had the internet/blogs when I was doing all of my travels...) -yes I am that old...*sigh*

Laura Kay said...

We spent a St. Patrick's day in Savannah. And while we missed the bagpipes and kilts in Dublin, we definitely weren't disappointed. I do have to say it is a bit less wild (apparently you aren't allowed to drink outside on the street even in the bar areas).

Rebecca Louise. said...

It looks so much fun!!! Wished I was there!!! X.