Monday, March 2, 2009

Straight from the Farmer

A few weeks ago, during one of my runs, I discovered a farmer just outside of town that sells his milk, eggs, yogurt, honey, and potatoes right out of the barn. I had intended to go back the next day to get fresh-from-the-cow milk and laid-that-morning eggs, but life got in the way (broken finger, snow, travels, etc.).I finally made it back this morning to purchase my weekly dairy products. For only €3.50 I got a liter of fresh milk, a liter of homemade yogurt, and 10 eggs (no such thing as dozen over here). I had the yogurt in my Honey Hoops (or Honey Nut Cheerios - the cereals all have different names over here, even though they are the same thing and the same brand) this morning and it was delicious!
When we are done, I will clean the bottles out and bring them back next Monday to be refilled.

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Stephen said...

While it's nothing that would stop me (and I am sure you are well aware), but be especially careful with the eggs and, to a lesser extent, the milk. Neither are likely pasteurized if they are fresh from the farm, and you know what that means... microbes!

And a greater chance of salmonella. :)