Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

While the holiday is known and celebrated over here (unlike Halloween), Valentine's Day is a much different affair. There is no monstrosity of candy, flowers, and over-priced fixed dinners, but rather subtle window displays and a few heart themed offerings.

Tonight we are not going off to a romantic dinner for two, but rather out with a group of Matt's lab mates. When Matt inquired as to the lack of Valentine's plans, most responded that their girlfriends/wives had no interest in the holiday. Even in strolling the market today, while references to Valentine's could be seen, there was no mark-up in the cost of flowers. Not even for a dozen, long-stemmed, red roses - they were still just €8.50 (compared with $50 to $100 in the US delivered).
Unfortunately, this also means there are no heart-shaped Reeses' in stores. I just hope they still have Cadbury eggs at Easter.


rightonmom said...

Sounds like my kind of celebration.

Have a happy Valentine's day dinner.

Tiffany said...

Hope you have a good evening out.

Nicole said...

In Europe we would bring flowers home every week, just a simple bouquet from the market, but not here, you hardly can pay for them and they are not half as nice.

Aunt Spicy said...

I forgot how much I love the flower markets there, your photos are great..sigh! In England Easter is as big a holiday as Christmas and people get out of control with giant chocolate easter eggs...and they have cadbury eggs year round...makes up for the lack of Reeses!