Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dinner We Did NOT Have

I know that just because the gelato stand is open from 8am to well after 10pm, that does NOT make it a breakfast, lunch, and dinner food.

I know that just because gelato comes in fruit flavors, with nuts, is made with milk, and sometimes has a few pieces of vegetables in it, that does NOT mean you can make a well-balanced meal out of it.

I know that just because my mom lives on the other side of the ocean, that does NOT mean I can eat as much as want.

I know this, so I would NEVER suggest a progressive gelato dinner.

We absolutely did NOT use our 24 hour metro card to travel all over Milan to get to the best gelatorias. We absolutely did NOT make up rules for the event (1 cone per gelatoria, 2 flavors per cone, no repeating flavors).

We did NOT start out at Chocolate Gelatoria Artigianale. I would NEVER order and have enjoyed a cone of pink grapefruit and manderan orange, because pink grapefruit is NOT my favorite flavor of gelato. Matt did NOT start with a kiwi and pear cone. And we would NEVER, having full cones in our hands, look so longingly at the banana that the owner would give us each a generous free taste.

We definitely did NOT hop back on the metro and rush to get to stop two. We were NOT disappointed to find out that our second stop did not have the sour cherry gelato, shaped into flower blooms. No NOT us, we had had our fill of gelato.

We did NOT continue our party to stop three: Chocolat, a sleek gelato boutique with a generous seating area and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Matt definitely did NOT pick a nutellone (nutella and marshmellow cream) and dark chocolate cone. And I most certainly did NOT end up with half my hot pepper chocolate and giandula chocolate cone all over my face, hands, and cast - because I was NOT eating gelato for dinner. We do NOT like chocolate, or gelato for that matter. No, NOT us!

Having already had two cones and chocolate, we did NOT continue on to our fourth stop. Our last stop was NOT Riverino, a modern gelateria with brighly colored plastic furniture and marble print like art on the walls. I did NOT finish my dinner off with a Moreno and Loenardo cone, while Matt did NOT try the Contessa and San Lucca flavors.

And we absolutely, positively did NOT have more gelato the next day. NEVER would we try a coconut and chocolate cone with people watching on the Piazza del Duomo.

And no, I do NOT have a sweet tooth...

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Gibby said...

Now I am really hungry! And jealous! Your blog is awesome, the pictures rock. I am stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog the other day, but now I am going to become a follower so I can live vicariously through you guys!! Looks like you are having a blast...enjoy it!