Monday, February 16, 2009

Delft Blues Day Two

And back we went.

After enjoying dinner at the Ruif with Matt's lab mates, we all headed to the Stars & Bars for the second night in a row, this time to watch Memo Gonzalez & the Bluescasters perform. The place was packed to see Memo perform on his harmonica. I am not sure if he was "three hundred pounds of Texas dynamite" or not, but the band did play a nice mix of country and blues.

When Memo took a break, we headed back to old town and to De Waag to hear Professor Deaf & His Eardrums. We knew the Professor (dressed in a graduation gown and mortar board) must be good when we saw the place was so packed that the crowd was bursting out the doors. We squeezed in to listen to the eclectic group, with their funny hats, play a range of instruments.

The music was good, the atmosphere was excellent, and the draft beer was better, so we stayed a few hours to listen to bluesy-jazz music. We stayed all the way to the end - long enough to hear the encore of Elvis hits. Although our group of friends headed on to the next performance, we headed back home. Matt was due to play 5 frisbee games the next morning and it was time to get some rest.

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Matt said...

De Waag is an old weigh house (used to weigh goods for purposes like taxation). According to Wikipedia, such weigh houses were often used for weighing witches, though I can't say for sure De Waag in Delft is among them. Their website seems to suggest its founding in 1647, but a picture of the building has the date 1770 (too late for a good witch hunt). It's a neat thing to watch a Dutch "blues" band singing some James Brown ("Sex Machine") in a packed house that may have been used at one time for witch weighing. What a weird combination. =)