Friday, December 5, 2008

A Visit from Sinterklaas!

Since Sinterklaas knew we would be in Prague on the 5th & 6th, he came a few days early. When we got home from Frisbee on Thursday night we found our shoes filled with traditional Sinterklaas treats! Since we don't have a chimney, he must have crawled through our radiator with his bag of treats. Don't worry, he and his horse were well fed for their trouble since carrots were abundantly stuffed in the shoes (due to them being on sale this week at the Albert Heijn - marketing, anyone?).

MMM! Chocolate Letters, Chocolate Covered Pepernoten, & Almond Pastry Letters

(This is not a holiday where you can wait until the last minute to purchase food & supplies. I mean, how would you explain to your son John that Sinterklaas got him the letter "O" instead of "J"? I bought my letters back in October to make sure I got the correct Dark Chocolate letters.)

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