Monday, December 22, 2008

Frisbee Update

A few weekends ago we played our first day of indoor competition in Arhem, Netherlands. Instead of playing weekly matches like in intramurals back home, the teams play 4 games on one Sunday a month. This helps save travel costs and time, with teams all over the country coming together to play each month.

The indoor game is definitely different. While Matt is more concerned with field space, blades, and new shoes, it's circle time and shower time that concerns me.

Circle time really isn't my thing. I remember with horror my first fireside at a sisterhood retreat, where I think I lost hours of my life, pulling the hem out of my jeans, while listening to wonders of sisterhood. As a bored graduate student, I remember wondering why I cared what my classmates favorite movies were or wanted to share my most embarrassing moments. So it is no surprise that circle time in Frisbee did not excite me either.

While in Frisbee circle time is generally quick, it is not painless. After the first game, sure let's circle up, alternating team members from both teams, and put our arms around each other to recap the game. The game recap generally consists of :

Losing Captain:"Thank you for this game. It was very spirited. I think it was a good match, you just found a way to win at the end."

Winning Captain: "It was very fun to play you. You played well and with spirit. It was a good match."

By game three I don't want your sweaty arms any where near me, I don't want you touching my sweaty back, and I have already heard the talk twice. After game four, let's just say I'm not breathing through my mouth because of my physical exertion and it's a good thing shower time is coming up.

Oh, right - shower time. Did I mention there are no shower stalls or curtains in the locker room? It's just one big room! When choosing a shower I use the opposite strategy of parking Inge (next to newest, sleekest, shiniest bike so she doesn't look worth the trouble to steal).

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aggieallens said...


Your mom sent me your blog site. I haven't had a lot of time on it yet, but it's great so far! What an incredible experience for you all. I'm jealous!! Love all the pictures!!!!!

By the way, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!