Thursday, December 4, 2008

Senz Umbrella

Here at TU Delft I keep reading press releases and hearing things about the Senz Umbrella, which was developed by some industrial design students and even tested in the university's own wind tunnels. I haven't personally used one; my umbrella cost $3 and a Senz Original runs the much more extravagant cost of ~€50, but that's probably why I can't take mine into a hurricane without having it turn inside out.


Rich said...

That's pretty cool how they made an airfoil shaped umbrella. Did you notice how in the wind tunnel it looked like it was going to bash his head when it was vibrating wildly? I think I'll take my $3 dollar umbrella and avoid the hurricanes all together.

Laura Kay said...

No need to even spend $3 for an umbrella over here; they come free with haircuts. Does that speak more about the quality of the haircut or the umbrella?