Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giraffe Beer

After the concert at the Estates Theater, we stopped by a bar to get a drink before turning in for the night. I selected a bar/brewery, that in addition to the traditional light and dark Czech beers, also brewed specialty brews.

Since Pivovarský dům was listed under the bars category in the guide book, we expected - well- a bar. It is really more a restaurant & brewery. Since we felt bad about taking up a table during prime Saturday dinner time, we added dessert to our drink order of a Banana and a Vanilla beer. When our crepes with beer jam and fruit-filled dumplings arrived at the table, we were very glad we had decided to have dessert. While the banana beer Matt had sampled in Brussels was probably a one glass wonder, this brewery's banana beer could have been sipped on all night. The vanilla beer just called for a ice cream float to be made with it (Stubbie's style).

As we enjoyed our desserts, we noticed the next table over enjoying a "giraffe" beer. If the half-liter glasses beer is served in over here isn't enough for you, skip the pitcher and go straight to the "giraffe". The "giraffe" beer is a FOUR liter container of beer with its own spout that is meant to be shared among a table.
We enjoyed the food and drink so much we came back the next day for a sampler of all eight of their beers (light, dark, coffee, sour cherry, banana, nettle, vanilla, & wheat) and a traditional Czech lunch. What can we say - when you find something you like, enjoy it!

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