Thursday, December 11, 2008

Concerts & Opera

In addition to cheap food and beer, Prague has plenty of venues offering concerts, plays, ballets, and operas tickets for less than the cost of a movie rental. I pick the two most magnificent venues I could find online and bought tickets for what was playing there.

On Saturday night I booked 100Kc tickets for a Geniuses of Prague Concert at the Estates Theater. The beautiful and regal theater is where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni starring himself as the conductor and is the only theater left standing where Mozart preformed. The performance turned out to be children singing famous songs from Czech masters, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

On Sunday night we attend the opera "The Barter Bride" by Bedřich Smetana at the National Theater. The opera was in Czech, however, they provided German and English subtitles on board above the stage. It was my first opera and I enjoyed the experience very much.

Both buildings we works of art themselves and added to the performances.

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Matt said...

When Laura says "the performance turned out to be children singing famous songs from Czech masters," what she means is, "we were duped by a bunch of children (albeit very talented children) into paying to attend their school play." Laura swears this is not the case, but nothing she can say will convince me that the theater was not filled entirely with doting parents/grandparents, the singers' siblings, and us.

The other opera was quite good, though.