Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Me?

When my mom visited a few weeks ago, she NEVER would have given us a special towel she picked up in a linen store in Delft. I being a grown, married, adult would have NEVER been embarrassed by gift. NOPE, my face did NOT turn red at the mere site of the towel and I definitely would NOT have refused to discuss the gift any further with her.Having NOT been embarrassed myself by the gift, I definitely did NOT take guilty pleasure in the fact my sister would be receiving the same towel at her bridal shower later that month. NOPE, NOT me! In fact knowing how much the towel did NOT embarrass me, I would have NEVER bought the same towel as a wedding present for C & M. NOPE, NO way! And I definitely can NOT wait to mail it to them later this month. **

I do NOT have a secret addiction to Brittney Spears music - especially NOT when running. I would have NEVER downloaded her latest album to update my workout playlist. And since I definitely do NOT like her music, there was NO way I was heartbroken to find out she was playing just down the road the day after I leave to go home.

** Don't worry C & M, it will come in plain, unmarked package.

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