Monday, May 25, 2009

Schedule Revision

Thursday> Bus to Sienna. Walk around. See Duomo. Visit Baptristry. Eat Gelato. See crypt. Drink Wine. Bus back to San Gimignano. Buy laundry detergent to wash clothes tomorrow. Evening stroll.

Friday> Train to Orvieto. Ride funicular. Wash Bleach clothes. Explore caves. Eat pizza. Evening stroll. Drink wine. Note Italian word for bleach in guidebook.

Saturday> Visit Duomo. See Etruscan necropolis. Eat gelato. Climb down St. Patrick's Well. Eat proscuitto sandwiches. Shop for new clothes.


Katie said...

Did you do something to your clothes to require bleach and/or buying brand new ones?

Laura Kay said...

I accidently bought bleach instead of laundry detergent and ruined a bunch of clothes.

thestevosays said...

omg lmfao :D

Pam said...

sometimes it is time to shop in Italy :)