Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lazy Saturday

They told us it would happen; we didn't believe them. They were right; we are in disbelief.

It was warmer in April than it is now - something about the rain and wind. Sometimes the wind is so bad I think our apartment is going to blow over; our apartment is a high rise made of concrete and steel.

Today we stayed in Delft to do a little exploring. We popped into the TU Delft Botanical Gardens for a quick look at their spring planting. I also took Matt to the tropical house and showed him the quails. I was excited to find baby quails in the garden!

Next we stopped by the market to pick-up some lunch. I meant to get some poffertjes since I saw them at the market on Thursday, but I guess I forgot. Bummer. More about poffertjes and my new favorite Dutch food later. After lunch we headed out to Delftse Hout to ride around the lake and visit the petting zoo.

More pictures can be found here.

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