Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh No I Didn't!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We tell you a lot about what we did and what we saw. But that is only half the story. Sometimes what we did NOT do is the better story. So, let me share with you what we did NOT do this past week.

I did NOT forget to put on sunscreen for a 60 kilometer bike ride and end up with a really sweet leggings tan line. NOPE, NOT me!

And there is NO way I went to the store to buy a bottle of self-tanner to "fix" the problem. I would NEVER do that; I know what happens when you use self-tanner, especially if the directions are in Dutch. NOPE, I would NEVER apply self-tanner to myself a few days before leaving on beach vacation Italy.

Speaking of vacations in Italy, I would NEVER consider ditching Rome and the Colosseum for a day to head to Montepulciano to catch the filming of New Moon. NOPE, I definitely do NOT want to catch a glimpse of Robert Patterson as Edward Cullen. And NO, I am NOT obsessed with the Twilight series.

And back to beauty products - Matt did NOT run out of his shampoo and then inform me that it was okay that he was now using my expensive anti-frizz, blonde-highlight-enhancing shampoo because he has long hair too. And I was definitely NOT selfish with €10 bottle of shampoo and tell him NO way. Of course NOT. I did NOT immediately rush to the supply closet and hand him a new bottle of the buy-one-get-one-free variety from the market.

I did NOT wig out on the customer service representative on the phone for the cutting off my bank cards for billionth time due to fraud alerts. NOPE, NOT me. I did NOT give her a condescending geography lesson about how Belgium was closer to Delft than Georgia was Gainesville and then proceed to ask her if she really thought the Vatican was making fraudulent charges on my credit cards.

I wonder what I will NOT do next week....


King Amy said...

i love twilight too!! i am so jealous...

Caroline said...

When I had my purse stolen in Belgium, I called BOA to cancel one of my credit cards. They wanted to verify the purchases on my card and said the most recent purchase was from Germany. I freaked out because I had not been to Germany. Turns out that when "Belgium" showed up on my statement, they assumed Belgium was in fact a city in Germany. Interesting.