Sunday, August 31, 2008

Delftse Hout

With the temperatures in the upper 70s, we went in search of sunshine and green space. After buying a picnic lunch of prosciutto, fresh cheese, rolls, and wonderful looking cookies for a little under 9 Euros, we walked to the nearest bus stop. Unfortunately the bus stop sign was covered with an orange bag and some Dutch writing. So we walked to the next bus stop, only to find more orange bags. After a thirty minute walk along the bus route, we finally found an active bus stop and hopped on for the journey to Delftse Hout - a wonderful paradise just outside the city.

We weren't sure what to expect, so we brought the camera, a lunch, and a few travel books. The area was a summer oasis complete with a waterpark for kids, a petting zoo, a lake with various watersports, plenty of picnic area, and nude sun bathers. Yes, that's right. We turned a corner and suddenly encountered old naked men. Lots of tan, old, naked men. Naaktstrand = nude beach. Consider yourself warned.

Hopefully we will back next weekend, with swimsuits and sunglasses - to stare at all the naked people of course!

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Matt said...

I should mention that we have no particular problem with nude sunbathers. Anyone who braves the threat of sunburn on their genitals is OK with me. But what I do have a problem with were the two guys we saw standing around talking - as if they were hanging out at the water cooler - with their junk hanging out. I don't know about The Netherlands, but in America it isn't OK to only have 1 foot of air separating one ding dong from another. What if one of them had turned suddenly? "THHHHWAP" ... and one guy has a mushroom stamp on his leg.