Thursday, August 7, 2008

About Our Stay...

We will be living in Delft, The Netherlands. A small city between The Hague and Rotterdam. The city is the home of Delftware and  Johannes Vermeer

We will be living in the Roland Holstlaan building, in a 300 square foot, two-room apartment. From the best we can tell (our lease, myspace pages, other people's photo albums, etc.), we will have one larger bedroom and a very small kitchen area. The kitchen is lavishly equipped with cooking rings and a box of utensils for one. We are not sure if this means we will be sharing a fork or if there is a "clean" and a "dirty" fork. But don't worry Ikea and their "how to use your 300 square feet to the best advantage" are just around the corner.

Matthew will be conducting research at Delft University of Technology. He will be sharing more about his work later (once his proposal for his UF professor is complete). 

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