Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Consulate Visit

On Friday, August 1st, we visited the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to finalize the paperwork for our visas. A very funny man, who offered to teach me dirty words in Dutch, helped us fill out our paperwork by telling us every other question wasn't important and we didn't need to worry about answering it. I hope the consulate in Miami feels the same way and issues us our visas.

We expected the Consulate Office to be in a nice building with many other consulates around it. But no, it was located in a strip mall and shared an office with a real estate company - one we think that caters to Dutch nationals.

After the consulate visit on the way to our next stop, we inadvertently got on a toll road - without any money. Whoops!
We stopped and got cash so we could pay the next toll. Matthew handed the women a $20 bill for a $.75 toll. As we were driving away he hands me the change and asks me to count it - only $13.25! So Matthew pulled the car over on the side of the interstate, got out, and walked back to the toll booth to collect his change. He left me in the locked car, but seeing as it was 95+ degrees outside, I got a little hot. I tried to open the door and only succeed in setting the car alarm off. Too embarrassed to get out of the car with the screeching alarm and flashing lights, I huddled down in the car and continued to sweat profusely to avoid being seen. What a trip down the toll road.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

Great start to a lovely vacation!