Thursday, July 9, 2009

From Rome to Sorrento

After leaving Rome, we headed for a ridiculously cool hostel, 7 Hostel, in Sant'Agnello and used it as home base for branching out to the beaches of Amalfi, the streets of Sorrento, and the grottos of Capri. The view from the rooftop terrace was spectacular...

Nearby Sorrento was a very pretty city with lots of nice shops and probably the best gelato we encountered on our trip - and we would know, b/c not a day went by that we didn't try a new gelato flavor.

Here's Laura in Sorrento's Lemon Grove Garden, where tourists can walk and admire the hulking lemons hanging from the trees before gladly accepting free samples of limoncello. (Good stuff, trust me.)

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B.Dobs said...

Laura Kay, red is your color! You look soooo good.