Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to Italia

Things have been super busy here and we're waaayyyyy behind on our posts. We haven't finished talking about Italia yet - and since we left that wonderful land, nearly a month has passed and we've been to four other countries!

To refresh your memory (and mine), when we last left our heroes (in Italy), they were examining the antiquated underground pigeon farms of Orvieto. Orvieto was roughly the halfway point of our trip, which looked essentially like this:

  1. Pisa ☑ (A)
  2. La Spezia and The Cinque Terre ☑ (B-C)
  3. Florence (D)
  4. San Gimignano ☑ (E)
  5. Sienna ☑ (F)
  6. Orvieto ☑ (G)
  7. Rome (H)
  8. Sorrento, Almalfi Coast, Capri (I)
  9. Mt. Vesuvius (J)

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So it seems that the next city up is Florence!

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